David’s Cookies – 12 Piece Brownie & Crumb Cakes

David's Cookies - 12 Piece Brownie & Crumb Cakes
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Any time is the perfect time to share yummy, homemade dessert creations. Just don’t tell anyone that these delights come from a David’s Cookies 12-piece Brownie Crumb Cake Sampler! From brownies to crumb cakes, this assortment has a variety of tastes and textures to suit any craving. Whether you share them or not is completely up to you! Our assortment of decadent treats is packaged in David’s popular collectible gold tin that can be reused over and over. You receive: (8) 4 oz. brownie slices – made with pure butter, pure chocolate and other natural flavors. The fudgy brownie flavors include Chocolate Chip, Pecan Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Blondie, Cheesecake, Rocky Road and our newest flavor – Macaroon (4) 6 oz. crumb cake slices – with a sumptuously thick topping of crumbs over a soft and spongy layer of cake, these sweet treats are made with pure butter, real chocolate and natural fruit fillings. The three yummy flavors include Original Butter, Triple Chocolate, and Raspberry Note: David’s brownies and crumb cakes are perishable and, if not being consumed within two days of receipt, must be frozen for long-term storage..